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Terms of use for font software:
Corresponding End User License Agreements:
E.U.L.A. Desktop, E.U.L.A. Web & Embedding

In the E.U.L.A. documents you find information about:
> Font Licenses & Usage Rights
> Copyright claim
> Warranty & Liability

Font vendor: ABTS / alphabeet, Type Studio

Shop System:
On this website you are able to purchase font software. By clicking on "Buy now", your order gets chargeable. This takes you to service partners plugins for processing the payment process. Afterwards you'll get the download link and an invoice.

See the F.A.Q. Section for more information about the payment process and the use of font software.

Please get in contact, if you have any questions about the works and products or the licensing process: E-Mail

If you are not pleased with the delivered products, you are able to cancel the order within 14 days after purchasement. If you cancel, licensing stops and you are no more allowed to use software and files. No data may remain at your systems. You have to fill the form "Reclamation".